Golf’s Cause and Effect: A History of Greenkeeping

This book represents the first book solely dedicated to those Greenkeepers from Scotland during the 1800’s that started to enhance golfing grounds; coming to all parts of the world as the growth of this game travelled; many landing on the shores of North America; advancing all aspects of the game; many finding that Greenkeeping was a profession unto itself.

This book gives insights of class distinction; education; remuneration; science; environment and gaining the respect long sought after over many years. You will read of trials and tribulations many Greenkeepers/Golf Superintendents have had. How Television Broadcasters would give credit for the great condition of a golf course to everyone within a club, as well as God, except acknowledging the person who made it all happen. However, when TV brought a picture of putting greens in distress, only the Golf Superintendent would be mentioned.

This is a story/tribute to those early pioneers as well as individuals that have continually upgraded our society; organizations; manufactures; turf researchers/teachers; media and environmental movements that have made golf course of today so pleasurable to enjoy. 

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