Content Suggestions and Errors

Turfgrass Management Edition 1.0 is a joint venture between Drs. Turgeon and Kaminski in conjunction with Turfpath. Their primary goal in producing the latest edition of Turfgrass Management on their own (without a major publisher) was to bring a high-quality turfgrass text at an affordable cost for everyone. With 400 pages of full color content at less than $60, we think they succeeded. However, as with any text, there is always room for growth and improvement. 

If you have any suggestions for how Turfgrass Management Edition 2.0 can be improved, please provide your feedback using the enclosed form. Although just published, efforts to improve each edition will begin immediately following publication of the latest edition. While we already have ideas of our own that we were unable to incorporate into the Edition 1.0, we would love to hear your ideas for new content and if you find any errors, please let us know. We\’re only human!