Mobile_MapThe Academics

The idea to develop a crowd-sourced mobile application for the turfgrass industry was initially thought of in 2010. After several years of hard work and a quick realization that more manpower would be needed to get the app off the ground, the founder of Turfpath reached out to heavy-hitting experts in the Turfgrass Industry, including:

Dr. Rick Brandenburg
Dr. Peter Dernoeden
Dr. John Kaminski
Dr. Scott McElroy

While these leading academics provided much of the pest descriptions and images used in this app, there is another group of Contributors that must be thanked…the users.

Crowd-Sourcing User Data

As we constantly say within the app, the more online contributions from the app’s users the better the experience. We encourage users to share the pests they’re seeing out in the field, provide solutions to other users’ questions, and help us track what’s happening in the the world of turf.

Only if users contribute information can the app truly solve and hopefully prevent dramatic damage from turfgrass pests.