Turfpath Among 13 Apps You Can’t Live Without

August 31, 2013 in blog

Turfpath Mobile AppIn this month’s cover story of Golf Course Industry, Turfpath was listed among the “13 apps you can’t live without.” Keeping good company with some more mainstream apps like Instagram and Evernote, Turfpath continues to emerge as a standard app on the phone of turfgrass professionals and enthusiasts.

Sharpen Your App-titude

by Bill Brown

Mobile devices have become more and more a part of our ordinary daily lives.

Pad, pod or phone. Tablet or ‘droid. They’ve integrated into nearly every facet of our daily routine – work, family, fitness and even sleep. But it’s the “apps” that really make these devices come alive.

For turfheads, this is no different. Apps enrich and enhance your life both on and off the course. That’s why I am walking you through the various apps that will help you in the daily grind of turf management and simplify some of your daily processes. We will look at apps in productivity, blogging, specific apps to manage turf, cloud storage and some that I think are just really pretty darn cool.

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