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June 7, 2013 in Promotions

GCI iPhone App

Another Great App for the Turfgrass Industry

Did you open Turfpath this week and skip over the opportunity to download the Golf Course Industry App? Well, we’re giving you a second opportunity to get this unique interactive version of the Golf Course Industry magazine for your iPhone.

NOTE: (Download GCI’s interactive app on your iPhone or iPad)

About the Golf Course Industry Magazine App

Golf Course Industry, the leading independent voice for golf course superintendents, “comes alive” in a state-of-the-art App from GIE Media. Each monthly issue provides complete coverage of the trends, opinions and new technologies shaping the care of golf courses. Always entertaining and always engaging, GCI’s award-winning editorial content is complemented by a wide array of digital enhancements including video, touch points, photo slide shows, animation, website links, audio podcasts, interactive advertising, and much, much more. Superintendents and other industry professionals are no longer simply reading about the business, now they’re experiencing it with this amazing new app.

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