Busy First Week

April 30, 2013 in blog

Since the full launch of Turfpath into Google Play and the App Store on April 22, we have been busy trying to keep up with all the hype. When launching an app of this nature to the turfgrass industry, we had no idea what direction this would take or how the users would interact within the app. The social media aspect of the app alone is a living and breathing entity and it’s function is directly related to the end users.



There was no clear goal in mind in terms of what would be a successful launch for an app of this nature. While we didn’t invite Twitter or Facebook with Turfpath, we definitely introduced some aspect of that to the turfgrass industry; a narrow group with a niche focus. However, as the week passed we realized that reaching 1000 downloads in the first week was going to be possible. Within hours of almost exactly 1 week in the App Store we reached that number. Considering that we chose to soft-launch this with no formal advertising in place, no website (that’s right, this website was built after the launch), and no budget, we were amazed at those that found us.

An Experiment in Social Media

Using only Facebook and Twitter (primarily Twitter), we sent out links to download the app and asked you the users to reshare these links with those that you felt would be interested. The viral nature of these tweets played a huge role in the successful launch in this first week. Here are some of our favorite tweets during the launch.

 What’s Next for Turfpath?

Our goal is to continue to provide a tool that anyone interested in managing their turfgrass will find useful. It doesn’t matter if you’re managing a Top 100 golf course or your home lawn, the amount of crowdsourced information makes this a powerful and informative mobile application. Keep using Turfpath and the experience will continue to evolve. We look forward to evolving with you.